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January 7-11, 2019
Monday - video on trenches
Tuesday - research trenches
Wednesday - build trench
Thursday - build trench
Friday - reflect and build
September 4-7
Learning about maps and topography. No homework or quizzes this week.
September 17-21
This week will be an introduction to minerals and their vocabulary. Quiz on Wednesday
October 1 - 5
Monday - rock cycle notes and ppt
Tuesday - Igneous rocks
Wednesday - Metamorphic rocks
Thursday - Sedimentary rocks - early dismissal
Friday - chocolate rocks - early dismissal
October 8-12
Monday - open house
Tuesday - Sedimentary rocks and vocab
Wednesday - rock cycle foldable
Thursday - rock lab
Friday - chocolate rocks and review games
October 15-19
Monday - Rock Review
Tuesday - Rock test
Wednesday - Virginia Provinces and Plate Tectonics
Thursday - Plate Tectonics
Friday - lab
October 22-26
Monday - Foldable on Plate Tectonics and Earth's layers
Tuesday - vocab and forces that shape the earth
Wednesday - Forces and faults
Thursday - Volcanoes
Friday - Earthquakes
October 29- Nov. 2
Monday - Pumpkin plate tectonics and mountain building
Tuesday - Ring of Fire and Water
Wednesday - Karst (weathering and erosion)
Thursday - Ground and Surface water
Friday - ppt and notes
November 5-9
Monday - Weathering and Erosion
Tuesday - no school Election Day
Wednesday - Water features
Thursday - review for the test on Friday
Friday - test on soil and water - intro to geologic time
November 12-16
Monday - Geologic Time and Fossils
Tuesday - Absolute and Relative Dating
Wednesday - Superposition and crosscutting
Thursday - Geologic Time Test
Friday - Weather ppt
December 3-7
Monday - Intro to Oceanography and features of the ocean floor
Tuesday - Ocean zones and sustainable fishing
Wednesday - SOL review and astronomy intro
Thursday - SOL review and astronomy stars
Friday - SOL review and Space history time line
December 17-20
Monday - SOL!!!
Tuesday - Celebrate passing the SOL
Wednesday - Begin creation of underwater PBL
Thursday - Christmas Fun!!! and build fish bowl
January 14-18
Complete ocean trench project. End of semester. Clean and organize room
April 1 - 5
Monday - Finish volcanoes and earthquakes
Tuesday - Weathering and Erosion types
Wednesday - Ground and Surface Water
Thursday - Lab and review
Friday - Test
April 29- May 3
Monday - weather assessment and Oceanography intro
Tuesday - Levels of the ocean and the trench
Wednesday - Review of Oceans
Thursday - Astronomy intro
Friday- Planets and Moons